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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
Hoops? Half the WBC Italian baseball team essentially consisted of American born and raised players whose only hope to go through was to board a flight to Phoenix from Spring training. That'd be like Ireland (or Norway since they are actually in the tournament) offering me a free ticket to Sochi and saying here's your authentic jersey with your name on it.
I don't know what tournament you are referring to. The World Championships? Ireland also competes in the WC.

Anyway, obviously a tournament funded by the MLB is going to be able to take care of all the player costs, but Ireland's hockey federation isn't going to able to provide for any Irish-American/Canadian guy they want to bring across the Atlantic to play for them. Not to mention the World Championships are going on during the North American club season so who would even be available to make that trip? Only beer leaguers who aren't going to give Ireland much of an advantage.

Norway already has a good roster, I'm not sure why they would go out of their way to bring third rate Canadians or Americans onto their team.

Regarding Brodeur, he was a full developed hockey player when he came to the US. He was born and raised in Canada. Not withstanding the fact that he played multiple times for Canada, he has no connection to US hockey.
But he has plenty of connection to the United States where he lives and is a citizen, so I would find it hard to tell him that he can't personally identify as American. Obviously he has played for Team Canada in the past which would make him ineligible for Team USA, but I'm just speaking hypothetically.

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