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03-25-2013, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
You called him a Junior coach his entire time here and when he left. It's an insult, not a term of endearment. You don't call Dineen an AHL coach...

Clemmer is a backup and he's done well in his role. Having zero faith is silly because we're a bad team and this is an off year for almost everyone. No training camp or preseason matters plus all the injuries.

Markstrom only started to play well since Carolina game when the team started playing better defensively as well. Markstrom is also better than Clemmer.
I never labeled calling PD a junior coach a term of endearment, its a point of fact. He was hired with no pro experience and his cutting his teeth here bit usmany times. If your insulted by it i cant help you. I also cant help you if you cant see the distinction in the hiring of a junior coach who never played in the NHL and that of a 3x Captain all star NHL'r with years of Coaching paid professionals. Im not rehashing that history tho we have done that dance too many times.

Clemmer had a bad first year here as well. Clemmer is not a good goalie. He had some nice games last year and I thank him for that (i did persoanlly). That said, I have no faith in him at all this yr or next year. I dont think HE has any faith in him anymore. We will NEVER agree on that. thats cool. I rather have a real starter that might be available to back up Marky. thats my opinion.

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