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03-25-2013, 03:12 PM
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Holy crap. You would think after reading some of these comments that the Blues got the butts handed to them the way that we did to Detroit on opening night...

Sometimes the teams loses even when it outplays a team. Did the Blues make mistakes? Sure. I challenge someone to show me a mistake free hockey game. Sometimes teams capitalize on mistakes, sometimes they don't.

But I'm reading people that think the Blues played, as Charles Barkley would say, "turrrible" last night. People that think Kiprusoff had a bad game last night, only the Blues shot everything into his chest, making him look good. People that seem to think the Blues gave up countless odd man rushes, and could generate no offensive pressure. People want to bench half the team. Why? So we can play TJ Hensik, Adam Cracknell, Evgeny Grachev, and Andrew Murray up front and Mark Cundari, and Cade Fairchild on the blueline? I'm sure THAT will make the Blues play better.

Frankly, I think the Blues played well. Did they make mistakes? Sure. Is there room for improvement? You bet. But compared to the way they were playing a few weeks ago?? They looked good. You can't win them all, and the Blues don't have the superstar level of talent needed to set winning streak record.

Is it frustrating that with very little roster turnover the Blues took a step back from their play last season? You bet. But perhaps we should all temper our expectations a bit. The Blues seem well on course to make the playoffs. But reading some of the stuff around here, it seems like people are watching the Oilers...

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