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Originally Posted by Black1963 View Post
Wow, a 2nd and a 3rd or two 2nds for Murray. That's quite a bit for a rental who was having an off year. Heck, I'd love to land Jagr or Iggy, but at these inflated price, I'm ok doing nothing or making a minor move on defense.

Still, the talk of trading possibilities is fun.
Lombardi hasn't done nothing at the deadline, at least as the Kings GM. It'll be interesting to see how, if at all, a championship changes things. In years past it was about building. Last year, his job may have been on the line, and the Kings were supposed to be better than what they were at the time of the Carter deal. What does a chance at a 2nd Cup do?

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
And they won only 2 with Mario, Jagr, Francis, etc. And even those were back to back. You can have a great team year in and year out and not win very often. Even the two teams who many say have had great sustained success for about the last 20 years, Detroit and New Jersey, have (IIRC) four and three cups respectively over that span.

So while on one hand it can advocate to just go full out when you are in Pittsburgh's shoes, it can also advocate to just keep building and hold off on any more large trades from time to time to keep the long-term success going.
That's why the GM's get paid a lot of money.

I'm still not sure if any team can realistically set out to do what Detroit and New Jersey have done, even the Wings and Devils, back when their runs of success were first starting. That kind of success over such a long time, it might be more rare than winning a single Cup.

I've always been a believer in the slow build. Once you get to the top though, then you want to stay there. I'm not saying throw the farm for Iginla or anything like that. Maybe a smaller deal is the right deal.

But I would say that if you have to overpay to some extent for someone like Iginla, when you're the defending Cup champs, with a chance to do it again, and if it's determined that someone like Iginla would give you a better chance to win, I'm not sure you could say a flat out no just because you'd have to give up a little more than you want.

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