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Originally Posted by Daz28 View Post
I'd like to add to your point, if I may. Porter's stat line is horrendous, 15G, 0G, 2A, -3. Is his spot on the 3rd line performance based? Heck, Gerbe's 26G, 3G, 3A, -3 looks better on paper, but still doesn't look good. I realize Porter is a C, and his line has some chemistry, but it flies in the face of anything performance based, imo.

Ya, the only problem with Staffy not whining is that he's not putting in the effort. He's the guy out of all the ones we discuss who truly HAS the potential to be a good hockey player. I can't say he gets any respect from me because he's keeping quiet about his poor play. Quietly letting your team down might be worse than going out kicking and screaming sometimes.

This doesn't mean I think players should whine, but I think Gerbe may have been more talking about playing hard than playing well. I'm sure he's more aware of his stat line than anyone. The media has been out to get these guys lately, and I, frankly, don't trust their reporting to be 100% honest at this time.
Based on my own game viewings, Porter's line spends less time in the defensive zone than any other.

I don't think that's a fair comparison considering Gerbe's dreadful possession numbers.

Stafford has had a down year but he's become criminally underrated around these parts. His alleged "lack of work ethic" is mythical and a very Buffalo fan-like thing to say (he's not producing ergo he's not working hard). To suggest he should whine about his benching is wrong. If he did that, people would just complain about his lack of leadership, no?

Gerbe's the odd man out because, as Rolston said, he hasn't given them a reason to stay in. His bottom-six possession numbers suck and his game hasn't come anywhere close to warranting a top six spot.

He works hard. So do players who aren't a liability whenever they're onthe ice (Ott, Porter, Flynn, Kaleta, Foligno and yes, everyone's favorite whipping boys, Stafford, Hecht and Leino).

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