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03-25-2013, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Matt19Oilers View Post
Definitely agree with the sentiment from the posters that believe too many fans have man-crushes on Eberle; he's a talented support player no doubt, but by no means is he a "superstar". Anyone watching him play closely can see that most of his offence comes via RNH, Hall etc, not him creating for himself. All the people that think/thought of him as the Oilers best player obviously are ignorant of the way he constantly seems to disappear from games. He's an important player for the Oilers, but definitely not an untouchable IMO.

Looking back at the TSN top 50 players list from the beginning of the season it sure seems odd to think that so many people agreed with Eberle at #25, yet thought Hall shouldn't be in the top 50.
I think that was mostly skewed by non-Oiler fans. Most Oiler fans said Hall was better than Eberle, yet nobody believed us.

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