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03-25-2013, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by bp13 View Post
Is this because last year had everything to do with matchups and nothing to do with fatigue from being defending Champs? This notion that something can be learned from last year's deadline is completely off the mark IMO. Defending champs don't repeat these days. Doesn't happen. The Cup run is too grueling, and losing in that series or the one after was a virtual certainty.

Further if your point was accurate, wouldn't they struggle against "sandpaper" teams this year? I'd argue the opposite is true. The Bruins lose to fast, skilled teams. Like Montreal and Pitt. Pitt adding grit is good for them, but it will not be an issue for Boston. Skill is an issue for Boston.
Right, which is why I'm advocating adding more skill to this team. I don't want to see "depth" moves. If Chiarelli makes another Rolston/Zanon-type play I'm going to be beside myself.

This Bruins team is not currently good enough (read: skilled) to compete with Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is more skilled than the Bruins and they just added two guys who even things up in the grit department. They've improved their odds of beating Boston in a 7 game series. The Bruins need to answer.

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