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03-25-2013, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
I think this has been overstated. If he does retire early, it'll likely happen years from now under the next CBA, which may or may not offer some relief, and under a much higher cap - and that dead space means a lot less if the limit is say $80MM or $90MM.

Furthermore, you have to consider that risk in the context of the trade. Do I want to risk having 6-7% of my capspace wasted for a couple of years? In a vacuum, no. But, would I be willing to risk 6-7% of dead cap for a couple of years in exchange for a really good haul in a trade? Yeah, I'd be willing to take that risk, especially given the other considerations I mentioned above.
The new CBA is good until 2019, where the NHL and NHLPA have the option to terminate it, or continue another two years. Richard's deal goes to 2020. If he is traded this off-season and he retires 2 years early, we're stuck with a 8.5 million cap hit for a player that's retired for at least one guaranteed year, 2 if the CBA isn't terminated or the clause stays in the next one. If he retires 1 year early and the clause stays, it's a 17 million cap hit for him to not play. It gets even worst if he isn't traded this off-season. Sure the cap will go up some but it still runs the risk of using 20% of your capspace on him, which for a cap team like us could ruin things for a very long time. How can you take that risk?

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