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03-25-2013, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
Do people know how hard it is to get 50 point players from 2nd round?

Seriously...most 2nd round picks never see the NHL.

This place has such a bad fascination with picks.

Cry when the Leafs miss the playoffs, cry when the Leafs don't "tank" right, cry when the Leafs don't acquire players, cry when the Leafs don't sell players.

Cry Nation.

You do NOT become contenders over night.

Also, why stockpile picks when all of you armchair GM's will say "NOOOOO! We should have picked _____," then go on to criticize everything the Leafs do, and after a year make a thread about:

"Who should we have picked instead of _____?"
Lucic, Bergeron, Krejci all 2nds, Marchand 3rd. All drafted from 03-06.

Letang (3rd), Gologiski (2nd). Added in back to back drafts.

Keith, Crawford, Bolland all 2nds. Hjalmarrson 4th. Byfulgien 8th. Brouwer 7th. All added from 02-05.

I'd say hitting homeruns on picks outside the 1st round is pretty darn important.

The only way to do that is to have the picks to draft with in the 1st place.

Fans on this message board want to talk about how good our prospect pool is but for a bottom end team we haven't been drafting often enough to increase the odds that we hit homeruns. Our prospect is also ranked in the bottom half of all teams by scouts (not biased Leaf fans).

Toronto isn't a legitimate contender yet but we will be in the next few seasons. This is the last year we have a chance to cash in on trading pending UFAs who are replaceable in Bozak and CMac.

Trade them at a high value point and take a chance we can hit a homerun with some picks who can then come into the lineup on cheap contracts when we need them.

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