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08-08-2006, 02:56 PM
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Sweet new injury.....

ok so maybe its not that sweet but i can now say hey i got this playing ice hockey.

In my game sunday night a guy was dumping the puck into the zone and followed through to far and got me right in my lip sliced it in 2 my upper lip serioulsy looked like drapes spread out blood everywhere. The guys on the ice kinda looked at me weird when i jumped up quick mouth full of blood and just skated to the bench rinsed out my mouth and spit the blood out....then i went to line up again and the ref made me get off the ice. Got to ride in an Ambulance and got 5 stitches in my upper lip. Chicks dig scars right? looking at the pics someone took at my lip i have no idea how i stayed so calm. Imagine a 3/4'' cut from the top of your lip to just under your nose all the way through your upper lip. so basically i could pull my upper lip apart to the sides and see my teeth....only thing that sucks CAN ONLY EAT FOOD THROUGH A DAMN STRAW IM SO HUNGRY. any advice on some filling things i can eat soup and smoothies are just not cutting it

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