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03-25-2013, 03:36 PM
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There is no need for all the arguments.

Dallas wouldn't do this deal because they are not in full rebuild mode...yet. IF they were in full rebuild mode, yes, they would probably consider a young winger who is currently second in rookie scoring and could win ROY, a blue chip PMD with some snarl and hitting ability, and two good draft picks in a deep draft.

Montreal would not do this deal. At all. Eriksson is a terrific winger, there is no doubt about that. However, Bergevin is building for the long term and would not give up that many young assets for Eriksson. Gallagher is on pace to be top 3 in Rookie of the Year voting. Beaulieu is not only a blue chipper, but he is also french, which increases his value in Montreal. The picks are actually very valuable in the upcoming draft and can either be given to Timmins to turn into potential gold, or packaged for something we need more than Eriksson.

I like Eriksson, but he would be a luxury on the Habs, he is not a NEED. We NEED a bruising power forward who can hit, score a bit, and fight. Eriksson can score a lot. He is not physical and can not fight. He is not what we NEED. No reason for our fan bases to fight, it is just not the right trade offer.

Asking for Subban or Galchenyuk is also a non-starter for Montreal.

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