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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Well, no, I'd say that it's better than that. The team is more forward-looking than that. Kaberle, on merit, is not our 8th or 9th or 10th best defenseman. Even playing on his off-side or forcing somebody else to switch to the right side, he's not that far down the depth chart. If it were a true meritocracy, he'd play. But it isn't. It's better. Because just bubble-wrapping him for a trade/buyout is better for the team in the long-run.

In the old days, he'd be allowed to play, because he was the 6th best guy, and he'd probably get hurt, and then we'd be stuck with him next year too. Or conversely he'd get on some little mini-hot streak which raises the possibility that maybe just maybe who knows he might be a little bit better next year, and we might need him. Etc. Either way, we get stuck with him when he's a year older and even more deteriorated, and whatever gap between him and the others chasing him on the depth chart is even more meaningless than it is right now.

The gap is manageable today. Kaberle can be a slightly better player than our other options, but it doesn't matter, we can take that very minor hit to help the team prosper (in multiple ways) down the road.

It's not at all a meritocracy, but it's good management all the same.
GW, I think you may have hit on the reason for the seemingly unexplainable and SUDDEN disappearance of Kaberle from the lineup, even after playing fairly well. Clearly he was being played ahead of Weber, since the beginning of the season, then suddenly Weber was re-inserted for ONE game, got hurt, and then Greg Pateryn was slotted ahead of Kaberle, then Tinordi, up till now.

So now my theory is that the Habs were hoping to TRADE Kaberle so they played him whenever anyone was out, until the day when they realized that he had no trade value (or that his play in the games he participated in was enough to make the case that he had value).

At that point, a bubble-wrap decision was made.

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