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Originally Posted by loLZokAY View Post
Why would he want to go play with a bunch of players that whine when things aren't going their way? It shows maturity. I wouldn't want to join a cast of people who throw tantrums on the ice when adversity is faced. You guys hit a brick wall these past two games and met a team that could beat you twice in a row in regulation and at home. Something a team hasn't been able to do to Anaheim this season. I will say one of the main things Anaheim has towards DeKeyser is simply Brian Burke. You act like Anaheim has been a powerhouse over the past few seasons and prospects know that they're some force to be reckon with.

You don't need to throw remarks about this season with Detroit. It's a transition season for us, we just lost Rafi, Stuart and Lidstrom. Most teams wouldn't be able to recover like we did, but guess what? We did and we're still in playoff contention. That is one hell of a selling point besides every other one Detroit has. He has seen the team go through changes, and they still yet are in the mix every.single.season. That shows how powerful and outstanding our management and front office is.

Also, I think I would much rather go to a team with a coach with a proven resume than one with regular season success. Along with that, the franchise has developed some of the best defensive players along with some of the best defensive forwards. We know what we're doing within this franchise and it's one hell of a selling point.
these posts are hard to read. i would like to see more about Dekeyser as a player and less red wings propaganda.

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