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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
It's not so much hurtful, as condescending. The reason should be obvious -- you're characterizing people's concept of "god" as a "buddy in the sky" (which by extension implies an imaginary friend).

I'm not trying to call you out individually, but I do think that your phrasing illustrated the problem of people not understanding each other's perspective. What might seem like common-sense from one person's perspective (gay behavior is inappropriate, spiritual beings are imaginary) may be terribly offensive from another person's perspective. And it's hard to have a productive dialogue in a situation where people are saying offensive things, even if they aren't intended to be offensive. The only effective solution I've seen is to make a serious and honest effort to experience multiple perspectives in our daily lives, to the point that respect for both sides just comes naturally and our language follows suit.
Well I'm probably not conveying what could be a serious argument for treating people differently (and carries over into aspects of our culture like hockey) very well when I use a less than serious tone to summarize.

And that could very well be my fault for not understanding the rationale behind it as when I hear religious reasons my current understanding is well God* says it's bad and so it is bad and that's all I really put out there with my comment.

If someone is able to better explain the rationale behind it (and again might be better via pm if it's something that would really be off-topic or derailling to the thread). I would appreciate it so that I don't might the same mistake going forward.

In the end honestly I still don't like that we're at a point where people feel they can't do something I assume we all enjoy like play hockey and at the same time feel like they can't be loved for who they are, and I hope we aren't far from every creed knowing they are welcome at the rink.

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