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03-25-2013, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
what hasn't he shown? he plays every game and gives us a chance to win imo. were not a good defensive team. last night we played great and managed to neutralize a lot of the finesse they were bringing for most of the night but it looked to me like we were playin in a maxed out way. as hard as we possibly could and still made the mistakes at the end that we've been makin throughout the season. your opinion is a generalization of your made up mind from last year. we give him another year cause he HAS played well this year. i don't care about his numbers. this is a team sport. also who do we replace him with? everyone has these trades and moves worked out but (and i know this is an opinion board) but its all based of B.S. even if we can get bernier i still think we should keep bryz for next year. we definitely buy him out next summer tho. i love the guy but theres no way i can pretend that contract is not gonna kill us down the road. its just way too long and he is what he is. he is not gonna have a tim thomas year at age 37 which i think they were sorta thinking was gonna happen if you put him on our team. i do think its time for a coaching change tho.
I agree with the majority of this post. I'd like to keep him another year and hopefully get a backup lined up.

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