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03-25-2013, 04:14 PM
Sony Eriksson*
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Possible Meniscus Tear?

So i have been having some mild-moderate pain in my left knee for a while...nothing i couldn't play on but last Thursday i hurt the same knee when was was tripped. The top of my knee cap is sensitive to the touch and there is a bruise around the area in addition to swelling. Im walking with a limp but when i walk on the ball of my foot it does not really bother me that much but when i walk heel to toe the pain is evident in the back of my knee and on the inner part of my knee. Anyone experienced such an injury and can give me any insight on their symptoms they had and what they did to fix the issue? I just started my season and really do not want to miss it because of an injury that i possibly could take care of myself.

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