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03-25-2013, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Ok, here is the latest on Willie from what I know.

First, thanks Scott, great to hear another person shed some more light on things.

He is stronger today then he was two weeks ago. He keeps feeling like he is moving forward now even on the days that he hurts. His feelings are Knees are trickier then I ever knew but I am working to get back asap. I want to play for another cup' allegedly.

I remain optimistic about his return but it is more based on knowing who the guy is and how he sees things than anything else. If he could lace em up today and play through the pain the guy would.

Missing a season due to his concussion was the worst time of his life and now he is going through missing a chunk of time again.

Guy wants to play.

I still believe that the team will talk about WM either sometime this week or early next week regarding a timetable for his return. I know that they have been wanting to but have been waiting for a solid step forward to do so. So is everyone else including WM.

The only way he misses the rest of the season is if he runs into a major set back (that would be including the playoffs) and if that happens I think it could be over for him.
I'm optimistic about his return as well. He is badly missed and a lot of people are still clueless about. He and Scuds are very vital to our defense.

Thanks for the update. Hoping for the best.

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