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Originally Posted by doug mckenzie View Post

His agent, Jiri Crha, said Monday that Bulis could have signed elsewhere for more money, but chose the Canucks because he believes he will get an opportunity to shine offensively.

"Janny feels like he will get a chance to play in Vancouver and get the chance to finally show what he can do,"

"He said, 'I really need to go somewhere where I can prove that I can score 70 or more points,' " Crha said. "You need an opportunity to play and get the ice time and play the power play or you will never do it.
a) First off, this is what his AGENT said. What did you expect him to say??? I mean Bulis wanted to go to a team where he could have a top six job. What is wrong with that???? I assume most players want to go where they are appricated and will get ice time.

b) What kind of goal would you expect him to set for himself???? 50 points??? Of course he is going to set lofty goals for himself. I mean, would you want Sergei Samsonov to set himself a goal of 90 points this upcoming season, or 60 points???? Did Bulis set the bar high??? Sure. I would assume most players set their goals high. He's obviously excited by his prospects, so what the heck.

c) Weirder things have happen. Jan Bulis scoring 60-70 points this upcoming NHL season wouldn't exactly be the most shocking event of the upcoming season. I mean, if he clicks with some linemates right away and has a couple well timed hot streaks, who knows. I wouldn't put money on him getting 70 points, but I think when taking everything into consideration 60 isn't out of the question, and that is only 10 off his goal, so......

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