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Originally Posted by PhilaFlyers View Post
Can you even buy out a player after July 1, 2013?
Yes lol. We have 2 offseasons to buy players out.

Originally Posted by StevensCakeBakerBacker View Post
- He deserves a paycheck, but that's only because of his contract. I wouldn't say really "deserves" a paycheck at this point.

- "Classy guys" is not a concern for me.

- 2010 was forever ago, let it die. Sure, it was fun, but you can't be one of the highest paid players in the NHL (the highest on your own team) and ride the coattails of what you accomplished 3 years ago.

- He does suck, and he is a major reason why the team sucks. His injury may cause the team to continue to suck because he can't be traded or bought out while injured.

Every Briere apologists uses the guys post-lockout numbers to support their love for him, and have to reach back 3 years to find his most recent accomplishment. The present and future are much more important than what happened in 2010; it's time to move on.
I never talked about paycheck, I talked about respect. It wasn't 3 years ago, but 2 years ago. Briere was one of our bests players in 2011. Last year, he has had injuries and this year, he played a lot on the wing, doesn't have a lot of chemistry with his linemates, etc. Make him play center with Hartnell on his wing and he'll produce. He's still pretty good. We use the 2010-11 season to talk about his accomplishments because it's the last time he played a full season healthy, period.

I never said that we shouldn't think about trading him btw, that's not the point, in case you didn't understand. I simply said that the hate comments on here are out of proportion. And it's not like he has sucked for many years, he struggled for one year, and that can be explained by many factors.

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