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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Kings: Kopitar (6'4") Richards (5'11")
Bruins: Bergeron (6'2") Krejci (6')
Hawks: Toews (6'2") Bolland (6')
Pens: Crosby (5'11') Malkin (6'3")
Wings: Datsyuk (5'11") Filpulla (6')
Ducks: Getzlaf (6'4") Mcdonald (5'10")
Canes: Staal (6'3") Stillman (6')

Those are the top 2 center of every Stanley Cup winners since the 2004-2005 Lockout.

In the end, that is why i will push hard for Galchenyuk or Eller taking DD's spot as fast as possible. Cause i firmly believe that, after 7 years of seeing the same thing, is not a coincidence that Stanley cups winners got big top 6 centers.

Nobody here can put an argument stating that we can win the cup, not with a small center, but with the smallest of them all as a top 6. Although everything is possible (and you can't imagine how i would love to be proven wrong on this....still want the Habs to win in the end) it is more than doubtful, and history showed the complete opposite.

It doens't mean that the Habs can't win the Cup with DD on the top 6, but it surely means that Habs will always be an underdog with him on the top 6. Even at almost the top of our conference, NOBODY described the Habs as a contender....why is that?

I don't wanna see DD traded
I don't even considered buying him out
I don't actually really hate DD

I'm just so tired of the Habs being this small and nice underdog team.
And that start with the small and nice little underdog player we just sign for another 4 years.
This list is wrong and it doesnt show much You should emphasize on how NO team in the NHL except the bottom feeding TBL have 4 players under 5'8 in their regular lineup.

This thread is not about DD anymore

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