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Originally Posted by Daz28 View Post
I don't think anyone underrates Drew, I think they feel that he's went from inconsistent to almost invisible. I already said he's got talent/tools, but you simply can't ignore that he's on pace for like a 10 goal, 30 points season, and he's still due $12M.
I'm with you. He's undoubtedly underachieving. He needs to be contributing offensively and he's not. That's why he's likely on the way out.

I don't think his work ethic is a myth. In fact, I don't have the link, but it's been posted that he didn't take his career serious enough in the past. Maybe that bug is biting him again, who knows?
That did happen -- several years ago. I'm fairly certain he's a gym rat and is in very good physical condition now. I don't think that's the issue (though I have no tangible evidence). I just think he's not playing good hockey. That happens.

I(and no one) is advocating he whine, but the others showed passion about their situations. I'd have liked to see a bit more out of Drew. In his defense, maybe he was just smart enough to know the media has been misrepresenting players thoughts, and decided keeping quiet was the best bet. I guess I give him a pass on that on 2nd thought.
Drew simply didn't take his qualms about not playing to the media (a leader's way of tackling that situation). None of us know for sure what kind of passion he showed when he was benched. I'm sure he was upset but he took it professionally, worked hard in practice and got back on the ice. Drew knows his numbers suck.

Originally Posted by Karate Johnson View Post
We must be pretty good if all those players are trying so hard. Every one of our forwards is a tireless worker?
No, actually. We're an awful team because we lack team-wide talent. We have a roster littered with players that are either underachieving (Stafford), past their prime (Hecht) or just not that talented (Gerbe, Porter). That doesn't mean they don't work hard. They're just not very good.

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