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Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
You've provided selke voting thats based more on hype of great offensive seasons, wow you have really owned me in that regard. What do you really want me to do post clips from thier prime as a way to compare them, i really dont care if you provide statistical data as some way to think your so intellectual. I watched Sakic-Forsberg-Modano in thier primes on numerous occasions and based on thier play I rank Modano first, Forsberg second and Sakic as a comfortable third in regards to defensive play. You keep mentioning linemates, when its common sense that Sakic played on teams that were far more offensive minded and Sakic benefitted from the fact that opposing checkers were primarily trying to stop Forsberg, not him.

What have you really shown that Sakic was able to finish 2nd in selke voting during his big points season, and then never finish top 5 in selke voting again, as a means to him being the more responsible defensive forward? Wow bravo.

Why dont you make a thread comparing Modano-Sakic-Forsberg in terms of defensive play, and then add Doug Gilmour in the mix too, since both you and eva think hes nothing special defensively. Why are you afraid to make a poll? I know Modano will win hands down. I like Forsberg as a player much more than I like Modano, but to suggest he peaked higher defensively is blashphemous.

Im comparing Modano to other two way players, im not comparing him to pure grinders-checkers. No I dont think you've watched much of Modano at all, I'm sure of that.
The classic "I can't drum up the same kind of defense for my opinion, and your opinion differs from mine, so you must not have watched them" angle.

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