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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Your list has some good and useful players on it (other than Dale Wiese). And the Habs would benefit from their support of our skilled players.

Lets be honest though. There are a few vocal posters on this board that recognize the need for players on your list and/or an enforcer.

The most vocal on here (this thread) do not even want those players on your list who actually play hockey in addition to dropping the gloves.

Look at the reaction to the signing of Prust. All we heard was "overpayment" which is code word for not wanting a tough player. Look at the reaction to the Pens getting Douglas Murray. The same. "Overpayment", washed up etc and so on. The same anti-toughness posters being vocal again.

When we discuss the need to have a more physical team, it is referred to as "schtick".

The anti-fighting crowd has fallen in love with the losing ways of the past and cannot let it go. I will not even venture to offer an explanation as to why. But it is a vocal group.

I hope that Bergevin sees the folly of continuing what the Gauthier regime lived by. The crowds at the Bell Centre do as well as you can hear the rise in noise when Prust fights. The Habs players feed on that emotion as well.

With all that said, we are left here to endure the constant sniping, the continued taking our comments out of context and the continued projections of their beliefs onto what we post.

And this thread continues to be great reading material for fans of other teams who laugh and mock the Montreal Canadiens, a once great and proud franchise that took no ****, as the softest team in the League that can only win by diving.

Awesome stuff.
You must get off on spouting misinformation. It's incredible. It's like reading an article from FOX.

There's the thread for when we signed Prust. The large majority of posters in that thread and on this board were/still are very happy about signing prust. Even those who said it was a bit of an overpayment were ecstatic about it.

Originally Posted by 68 View Post

Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
Toronto has shown that throwing big money at 3-4th line free agents isn't a way to win, but even if we're going to lose let's be TOUGHER.

Prust is the guy NYR got for Higgins after robbing us blind. A bit of karmic justice to have him land in MTL. Replacing Darche-Palushaj/Enqvist-Weber/Diaz with Prust-Armstrong-Boullion is at least a step in the right direction. Add Moen and White and we're just one enormous body away from being a decently tough team.

Meanwhile Ottawa's giving away their toughness left and right. Konopka, Carkner and Foligno all gone elsewhere today.

Originally Posted by PATCHESx67 View Post

Welcome to Montreal was hoping he would sign here
Originally Posted by 2 Chainz View Post
Overpayment but **** he was needed, very glad we got him!
Originally Posted by ChoseLa View Post
Prust, Moen, Armonstrong, White in the bottom 6, that's sand paper and nastyness.
Originally Posted by Dharvey33 View Post
Good sign overpaid by 500k but it's not my bill so i don't really care.

Will make a good 3rd-4th line grinder capable of playing on the pk and bringing 10-13 goals per year.

I bet there a lot of teams that wanted him.
Originally Posted by Iwishihadacup View Post
3% of the cap... relax guys, we got this

Originally Posted by Habarazzi View Post
How is 2.5 mil over payment when guys like D.Wideman get over 5 million? c'mon people .... either you jump into the free agent pool or go home

good signing

Originally Posted by BobbyFischer View Post
Holy**** we actually got him.

no way???!!!

All on the first page. Holy ****. This board really didn't like the prust signing If *****ing and moaning about the contract is all 'we' heard, whoever 'we' is should probably get their ears examined. It might explain why taxes are so damn high with Medicare covering for all those otologist visits

And before you go and Glenn Beck it up, I didn't say that there weren't some who didn't like the signing at all. But the LARGE MAJORITY loved getting prust and love having him.

Moving on to Habsterix' list. I guarantee you that most would welcome guys like Crombeen, Boll, Clifford, Martin, Mcleod, Stewart. The latter 4 especially. I can't comment on some of the others like Dillon or Nolan because I haven't sene them play enough. Most would welcome Clowe as well if his price tag (trade + salary) weren't so daunting. Same with Murray, except here we have even less room to fit the player in than some bottom 6'er.

And is the story that we don't like toughness or that we don't think these two particular players are worth the crazy price they're likely to fetch? Pick one, because at this point you're just making yourself look silly. This board seems to like the idea of trading for Jagr, but if the cost were Beaulieu+ 2nd, we'd say the same thing about him as we are about Murray/clowe. So again, complete misinformation and the typical strawman most have come to expect from you. Yawn.

Enduring the sniping? Taking your comments out of context? Again, Hannityesque. This is all you've done in this thread so far.Stop pulling tantrums because you've been exposed on more than one occassion. Almost everyone on this board would love to see this team get tougher. Most take exception to your posts because of the obvious lack of respect and condescension you exhibit to anyone who doesn't want to agree with you and dares to argue their point of view. 'haters of toughness' 'gauthier way lovers' 'pacifists'. What is that if not 'projecting of your beliefes' onto others' posts? You sure seem to do a hell of a lot of what you are preaching against, even in the same post you make preaching against it :O

And yes, this team that has done so well this year has only done so because of diving. Bravo.

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