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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Then they can equally give you "no respect" for your beliefs. Why is your belief more correct or important then theirs?

Think about how ridiculous your statement about that is. You imply its bad for people to hate and impose their beliefs in the name of religion, however, its ok for you to hate and impose your beliefs on them because you dont believe in religion?

Again, why is your opinion or belief any better or give you more right to impose it on anyone just because you dont do it in the name of religion?

There has been an almost equal attack on religion in recent years as there has been religious attacks on the atheists.

Neither party is right and has the right to impose their beliefs on anyone that does not agree.

In our society though, we have laws and majority rule. If the majority decide that gay marriage is ok, then fine and those that do not believe in it will simply be allowed to not practice it.

However, if the majority decide they do not want it, then those that believe in it need to sit back and accept it, just as they'd want those against it would accept it if it becomes legal.

You cant have it both ways. If you want them to respect your beliefs, then you NEED to respect theirs. Simple as that.

All that said, I'm not choosing either side and am simply playing devils advocate and get angry when someone says they dont respect someone elses beliefs while arguing to make them respect their own because they think they're more right.

I'm not religious, but respect their beliefs having grown up Catholic. I couldnt care less about gay marriage, my life goes on either way. I understand the religious beliefs and have three gay uncles so can understand their point of view as well.

The bottom line is statements like I quoted are just as ignorant as religious people that cant see the other side. We can all live by the morals and beliefs we see fit, but have to understand not everyone will see it the same way and we need to respect them and their beliefs just as much as we hold dear to ours.
So much fail lol...

I know you're trying to play devils advocate, but seriously educate yourself before spouting off trash like this.

Got a good laugh at you trying to play the victim card here, because there's sure no hate or beliefs being imposed when it's just wanting people to be treated equally like everybody else. That's like saying punching a guy in the face who is trying to rob you is assault.

Name me the last anti-gay marriage advocate to be beaten, tortured, and murdered for what they believe in? Nothing eh... Surprising really, I mean seriously how the **** has no one done a drive by at a Westboro rally ala 'God Bless America' lol...

And when it come to respecting beliefs, **** em, why really care about someone else's beliefs anyway, people believe in all types of ridiculousness and it really doesn't matter right. That's the whole point of a secular society, we tolerate them all as long as they tolerate each other, and what the collective secular society deems fair and just, like gay marriage.

Also, there is a big difference between a Democracy and a Majoritocracy. A Democracy recognizes the importance of protecting minority rights. This is to prevent violation of human and civil rights of minorities in case there are to many hateful morons who want everyone to be just like them.

But that's just my opinion, not trying to impose on you, just trying to inform you.

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