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03-25-2013, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
By "old" Midgets do you mean those in their final year of eligibility? As in, someone who's a '95 that played Midget this year? If so, that's not true, at least in the States. Midget Majors that are in their final year are still scouted, drafted, tendered by Junior A programs extensively, especially compared to Junior B. Overall and generally speaking, Midget Major is better hockey and more competitive than any Junior B (or Tier III Junior A, whatever you want to call's Junior B) league is and scouted much more heavily.

I'd say even someone who's a late '94 playing this year would still be better served playing Midget AAA. It raises some questions why they aren't playing Junior already but everyone's got a different story or reasoning for things. You still see a lot of these kind of players being scooped up by Junior A clubs. AAA is still scouted more and you'll have more eyes on you.
My experience, here in the States, is that you're likely not going anywhere (meaning Major Jr or D-1) if you are playing your final Midget year(s) at AAA.

Most are plucked by the time they are sophomores or junior in High School. The "real" players anyway. Just like AAA, not Top 6 you are a fund raiser for those in the Top 6. Sad but true, IME.

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