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03-25-2013, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
When I read that it made me think concussion. maybe his concussion the year before he signed here is having long term effects? Maybe it's head trauma that's caused a once brilliant and strategic player into a turnover prone albatross?
It made me think of a guy who's refusing to admit that he took the lockout as an excuse to not prepare for a hockey season. Not having the right conditioning base for the start of the season will make a player look not only slow, but stupid as well. When your body can't keep up with the play, it doesn't matter if your mind can. I think he can still think the game properly, he just didn't prepare enough to play it that way. You absolutely must have the base conditioning to play your best. You can't try to catch up with it halfway through a dense schedule.

I think there's a small chance that Brad will look much better next season, assuming that he learns from this season's mistake and conditions himself properly

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