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03-25-2013, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Stej View Post
This all day.

Also, it can't be stated enough that trading for more 2013 picks does not mean we have to use those assets as picks in 2013.

There are 2 key considerations when it comes to the Hains, both very subjective in nature and one leading to the other -- Exactly how important is Ron Hainsey to the success of the Jets? At what point does his price on the market outweigh his marginal value (over his replacement) for 10 regular season games plus playoffs (assuming he won't re-sign before the deadline, which would be my preference)?

With all due respect Holden, whether or not Hainsey is a key component to this team is a matter of opinion, not fact.
And with all due respect Stej, whether or not those 10 games and more importantly playoffs are of MARGINAL value is a matter of opinion, not fact. That experience is not marginal. It is VITAL for this team to take the next step.

Now let's say a deal comes along. Ron Hainsey straight across for a 1st round pick. Jets take it. Now we have a huge gaping on our blueline. Who are we going to acquire to replace him? We just saw a slower version of Mark Stuart go for 2nd's/2nd+3rd. Who is out there that can help us get to playoffs? Anybody? And would you be willing to give up a 1st for a top 4 defenseman as a rental?

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