Thread: Kings News: Penner out-Toffoli In
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03-25-2013, 06:02 PM
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I really don't know how any Kings fan can like Dustin Penner. Maybe they just sensationalize his contributions in the playoffs last year because the team finally won a Cup? Do you remember how atrocious he was after we traded for him at the deadline and then in the playoffs versus the Sharks? How about last season in the regular season, do you remember how awful he was?

He is antithetical to everything Dean Lombardi and now Darryl Sutter have tried to build in LA. There's a reason that Sutter has a very low tolerance for him. There's a reason he was a healthy scratch for a while when Sutter first came in last year. There's a reason MacTavish chewed him a new one in Edmonton.

The guy has always been a dog and will continue to be a dog because you cannot teach heart, dedication, and work ethic. You either have it or you don't. And obviously Penner is lacking in all those areas.

I cannot wait for Penner to be kicked to the curb and replaced by someone else in the offseason. He is one of my least favorite players in the NHL. I am very happy to see Toffoli in over him.

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