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Originally Posted by doug mckenzie View Post

let me ask you something ... do you read 48 day old news papers and think the news is current? that info you just posted about supposdly nagy asking for 4 million IS OUTDATED .when i said he was asking 6 million that's what i read 2 days ago and i can also provide you that link .. but just so you can see that i dont post made up facts of figure out of the blue sky read this article ....from AUG 8 TH

as i said he got ripped and he wont be back in phx next season bank on that

as far as ryder goes what happens of he puts up a 65 - 75 pts season then puts up another 15 pts in the payoffs .. THEN WHAt?

ya your probally thinking will sign him for 3.5 for 3 yrs huh ? think again

Nagy gets $3 mil in arbitration

David Vest
The Arizona Republic
Aug. 8, 2006 12:00 AM

Ladislav Nagy received a $1.1 million raise on Monday, but the Coyotes left wing probably wasn't in the mood to celebrate.

NHL salary arbitrator Edwin H. Benn awarded Nagy a $3 million deal for 2006-07, and the Coyotes quickly accepted the ruling and re-signed their third-leading point producer from last season.

Nagy had asked the Coyotes for $5.5 million; Phoenix offered $2,476,000.
Ryder is not a don't expect a 75-80 pts season for Ryder

35 goals - 20 or 30 passes is the best we can expect for Ryder for next years which is very good...Ryder won't receive 5M$...Daniel Briere is a much more complete player than Ryder will ever be

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