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12-24-2003, 12:20 PM
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That sentence doesn't mean a thing and it's pretty empty. If you mean that Ribs doesn't score when it counts look to those numbers

Its an expression, it means Ribeiro doesn't give a constant effort during 60 mins and theres no way you can argue that unless you close your eyes when watching games.

Knowing what king of player you are is bad ? I don't want to see Wayne Gretzky playing like a PF or Cam Neely playing a soft game.

Ribeiro is no Wayne Gretzky, I hate these comparisons. Gretzky is the best player of all time, the only one close is Lemieux. Ribeiro is now becoming a 2nd line center.

Koivu plays bigger then his size while ribeiro plays smaller then his 6'. He is soft like Perreault, Audette, Sundstrom and all the other guys who can't take or give a hit.

You're right on that. I think Saku's better now in the scoring department but don't forget the 6 years betting the two.
I don't think those 6 years will do anything. He might become a borderline 20 goal scorer, but I doubt he'll have a more accurate shot then Saku.

Koivu play well at 5on5 and PP but he's average at PK and regardless of size, he doesn't afraid many player. Don't get me wrong, I love is heart but when it's time to body checking he's well above-average on that side. Koivu can't play at LW (like Ribs) because of his size and about playing the point he said yesterday that he doesn't like playing the point on PP.

Anyway, it's pretty rare that a young player plays well on the PK and it takes time (experience) for doing good on that department of the game
Our PK has been much much better since Sakus return, its no coincidence. If Koivu can't play wing because of his size theres no way our weakest skinniest player can. Ribs wasn't effective on the wing, he can't battle in corners like Koivu can.
He never said he didn't want to play the point, he said it was different BUT FUN.
Also, I can clearly see you must be a new Habs fan cause Koivu has been playing PK since his days in Finland, I don't even want to imagine Ribs on the PK, cause the only time he was(against Sundin) it was a disgrace.

That's funny about Ribeiro, I seeing the same about Saku. When he tries on Lindros, Shanahan et cie...he's the one falling...

Did you see Kwiatkowski laughing about Saku yesterday
Do you remember Satan, do you remember Hal Gill(6'8") in the playoffs 2 years ago? Koivu does not fall down, he hits them with clean and hard checks. BTW how many players can effectively check Lindros or Shanahan? Not many. Kwiatkowski was laughing at what Saku was saying btw.

That's too bad that the NHL take away those stats on Takeaways and Giveaways...'cause for now you affirmation it's only your impression
Yeah, that great pass yesterday to Souray that ended up on Bondras stick must've been my imagination. He does that many times, his passes are still too weak.

BTW, a real and good captain doesn't say that he don't want to play anymore with Hossa, doesn't say that he don't want to play at the point on PP, doesn't say after a solid performance of Garon (last year) that was the best performance of a goalie he ever saw after what Theo did the year before (maybe because Theo stole the place of his buddy Hackett) and finally doesn't cry on the bench because the shift of Ribeiro was 6 seconds longer then Juneau (his partner at that time) on the OT
Most of the things you just said are pure speculiation fabricated and said by our good friends on 110%, not exactly credible information. <

He didn't say he didn't want to play the point and he said Garon gave ONE OF THE BEST performances of a goalie, not the best and to tell you the truth, he was right.

Still your impression on that until any chronos between the two. Anyway what's your point...Luc Robitaille is one of the more effective LW on the history of the NHL without skating ability. With your argument, you would prefer Russ Courtnall on Lucky Luc !
Its not an impression, open your freaking eyes. Luc Robitaille was a puregoal scorer, the best LW of all time, is Mike Ribeiro any close to that? Ribeiro and Koivu are both playmakers, they are both on the small side, but Koivu is strong AND fast, Ribeiro is soft AND slow, that isn't good, thats why he was a 2nd rounder, tahts why he doesn't hold much value around the league and why he hasn't made the team until this year when they practically gave him the spot.

Ok...Ribeiro is good only a 1 area....which one ??

'Cause I'm seeing Ribeiro stelling pass on his def zone with his sense of anticipation and beeing more and more effective on back-checking. I seeing Ribeiro doing great passes or intelligent plays in the enter of the enemy zone. And I seeing Rib's controling the play at offense zone and making everyone scoring who plays with him !
One zone: The offensive zone and he doesn't give a 60 min effort either. He's not goode on defense, if you don't see that, it tells me a lot on your hockey knowledge. BTW, did you see how Bulis, Ryder and Zednik all started playing that much better with Koivu? that must be a coincidence right?

Bégin is very strong. Souray is very strong. Quintal is very strong. Bouillon is very strong. Even Zednik is more "very strong" then Saku.

Saku is as weak as Rib's
Like I said previously, open your eyes, if you can't see how stronger Koivu is then Ribeiro then I'll start doubting why I even bother responding.

For that one...look at the replays of yesterday look at the face of Kwiatkowski
Are you gonna deny that Saku plays dirty, with emotion, grit and passion?

The problem here it's the coaching staff at 95-96 decided to play rookie Koivu more then 10 minutes per game. So for Saku's first year he had 45 pts on 82 games for a average of 0.55

For Ribeiro's case, it's the first year that he play on regular base and he have 26 pts on 35 games for a average of 0.74
You do realize that Saku in his first try made the team and played all 82 games in his first season right and btw he was 3rd center not 2nd and not 1st for the first dozen games? Ribeiro has been trying for 5 years and he even got benched this year, so that comparison is ridiculous, he couldn't even make the team until they gave him that spot. On top of that Koivu made a much much much much better team then the ones Ribeiro could've the last 5 years.

Now, I'm somewhat of a Ribeiro defender(I like his talent0, but when it comes to Koivu-Ribeiro comparisons, I find the notion of them being even close ridiculous.

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