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03-25-2013, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by freakstar View Post
This season is just a mess, no preparation for the season. Tons of injuries and bad goalkeeping (Theo and Clemmer).

1st season:
After Tallon took over he really cleaned the house and sent off a majority of players. He drafted some very promising players by the picks he received in that trade. We sucked that season.

2nd season:
A lot of things "clicked" and went well, we overachieved and made the playoffs. We lost against the Devils in OT, Devils went on to the Stanley Cup Finals. Panthers were the only one to take them to seven games. Yet again, we overachieved. We played well in the playoffs tho', imo.

3rd season:
Horrid season from the start, players getting injured by freak accidents (Gudbranson), Bergenheim injured playing over-seas, loads of people who were not healthy for the start. No real training camp, no preparation. Really, what did you expect of this season? We have tons of injuries as well.

About Matthias, I don't see him getting traded. All this talk about him trading everyone who is not "one of his guys" is just overblown. I'm sure he'd trade him if there was a sweet offer on the table, otherwise no. It's a business, every single day Tallon tries to improve the team, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Have faith, we'll see how we do next year. Our prospects are finally starting to blossom - Huby, Shore, Markström and we got loads of more coming.
I like some of our prospects but until they produce at this level you never know, they all look great on paper. We've had many prospects fall way short over the years. When Ellerby was traded, santos pointed out that he wasn't one of their guys. We've heard this before. Garrison was not signed, Weiss is as good as gone. The only two left are Mattias and Markstrom. Every team has injuries, and every team had the same shortened preseason. Next year is a big year, excuses only go so far.

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