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Originally Posted by sXe View Post
If Ryder has 80 points that means he scored at least 40 goals. So yes I would pay him 5M$ or more without blinking.
What kind of silly question is that anyway? Of course I want players on my team to perform well even if it means paying them what they're worth.

What if Markov wins the Norris? Saku the Hart? Huet the Vézina?


in the cap world it's not if you wanna keep the player it all about being able to afford him .you seen buffalo and what playoff suceess did to there pay role? took it from 28 million to 43 million and they had to let jp walk. heaven forbid we goo deep this year in the playoffs

i dont wanna see ryder go BUT ryder and markov both rfa 's next season ....we got big problems .what do we do about rivet and souray ?

lets say ryder does put up 75 pts has a excelent playoffs 4.5 million count on it in arbration so add ryder at 4.5 million next season

also here come our stud markov ready to go rfa. what he goona be worth after have a 50 pts plus season ? you better get ready for another 4.5 - 5 million

then we need to adress our other 2 defensmen . souray/ rivet.
both making average 2.3 - 2.4 million ... as i said eairly whats there raise goona be?

sure you can let both guys go but find replacements for the same price. did you see the ufa d man price this year? GOOD LUCK .... rivet 3.5 million? souray ? sure let him walk huh? now go sign a replacment to take his place for 2.4 million you will NEVER do it ....

i can't be the only one see the problem were goona have many 4 and 5 million dollar guys can we have on our roster before it becomes a problem ??

saku 4.75
markov 4.5 - 5 million
ryder 4.5
kovy 4.5
souray 4.0
rivet 3.5
sammy 3.5

huet 2.75

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