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03-25-2013, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Slick Cat View Post
I like some of our prospects but until they produce at this level you never know, they all look great on paper. We've had many prospects fall way short over the years. When Ellerby was traded, santos pointed out that he wasn't one of their guys. We've heard this before. Garrison was not signed, Weiss is as good as gone. The only two left are Mattias and Markstrom. Every team has injuries, and every team had the same shortened preseason. Next year is a big year, excuses only go so far.
Yes, we've had many prospects who simply made no impact. For once though, we actually have prospects who are lighting up the minor leagues and actually doing well.

About Ellerby, are you really still dwelling on that? We basically traded Ellerby for Brennan (We sent the 5th round pick from the Ellerby trade for Brennan) - Ellerby has 2 points in 40 games. T.J Brennan has 2 in 5. Sure, points aren't exactly the best measure for play. But Ellerby wasn't an allstar here. He later went on to pick on his former team - yep, I miss him

Garrison was not signed, you're right, but from what I've heard he also took a discount when he signed for Vancouver. Would you have paid him 5+ mil?

Weiss - has been a big part of the franchise, played really bad this season. Still wouldn't mind seeing him get a 2 year extension. We'll see what happens.

About the injuries, just take a look at our injury list - sure, teams battle through it. But there's a point when you simply just can't deny the fact that injuries play a big part of our failiure. I think a lot of the injuries are actually due to the medical staff not being good. But I'm not the right person to speculate in that.

Were you expecting a cup this year, or what were your expectations? This ain't NHL '13.

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