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Originally Posted by Amaxing Joni Jokel View Post
I was suggesting trading Skinner a year ago, for the record.

The backlash re: Skinner comes from the expectation of continued improvement from young players. Skinner this season is basically the same player he was prior to this year, but people brushed off the glaring weaknesses in his game as due to being young, not as fundamental flaws. Now as time goes on they see that maybe Jeff Skinner is just simply bad defensively, doesn't utilize his teammates and can't keep his head up.

Also of note is that Alex Semin was not here a year ago. It's a lot easier for a player to capture the affection of fans when his competition is an Eric Staal off to the worst start of his career and not much else. Skinner was on pace for 55 points last year and had 61 points the year before. Alex Semin had better production over that same timespan and got labeled as some sort of chronic underachiever.

If Jeff Skinner wants to play garbage defense and hog the puck, he needs to put up a lot more than 60 points to justify his contract.
It must make you really miserable to watch Canes hockey. Have you applied for JR's job?

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