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08-08-2006, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by DerekT View Post
Congratz. Is this more posts than you have on the-amb?

Oh, and what ever happened to your stair-well wall? Is it fixed yet?
I have 5413 on the AMB, and that's since... October, or November. In all the encarnations of the board, I have over 20, 000 since 2001. I'm sad. And yeah, the wall is fixed... well, it's filled. Need to sand it down, and paint it.

Originally Posted by AymanD View Post
The Aymand appreciation thread:

I appreciate you too Mj.. er... I mean tric.. can I call you tric?
I'd prefer you didn't, but I have no say, I imagine.

Originally Posted by DerekT View Post
Cheap Tric?
Fine. I Surrender.

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