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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Then they can equally give you "no respect" for your beliefs. Why is your belief more correct or important then theirs?

Think about how ridiculous your statement about that is. You imply its bad for people to hate and impose their beliefs in the name of religion, however, its ok for you to hate and impose your beliefs on them because you dont believe in religion?
The difference is the gay community isn't imposing anything on anybody. Gay marriage is about allowing gay people to get married, which doesn't change whether or not straight religious people can get married. If you don't like gay marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex, there's no "war" here and it's not "picking a side". It's justice vs. injustice.

Two gay people getting married doesn't impact anyone's freedom of religion and it's ridiculous to even suggest that. Does two other men or women getting married to each other stop anyone from going to church, preaching their beliefs in public, or practicing their faith? Of course not. Religious people (of course not all, but the anti-gay marriage lobby is primarily religious) are actively imposing beliefs on other people preventing them from doing things that do not harm them in any way.

There's a very clear right and wrong on this topic and trying to make it out to be a matter of opinion is absurd.

EDIT: As for the question, I'm a straight male and while there's never been anyone openly gay on any of my hockey teams it's a non issue to me. Honestly I'd be flattered if I saw someone checking me out, male or female.

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