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03-25-2013, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Master Lok View Post
I disagree with the second. Management has to have the stones to not cave to every agent demand, especially on long term deals. Take a look at PK Subban's contract - did Montreal build him up as the future of the team? You betcha. Did the GM cave in? Heck no.

Any GM who doesn't have the stones to risk public backlash shouldn't be doing their job. Remember Lowe's trading of Ryan Smyth as the Messier jersey ceremony? I disagreed with the trade but respected the stones it took.

And just how stupid is the public anyways? Business is business and a lower contract now means more money for other players and hopefully a better team.
The Oilers have been selling hope since the 2006 Cup run. The general public may be stupid, but they are the ones filling the season ticket list in hopes of getting in on the ground floor of a Cup winning team. What would alienating Hall and Eberle over their second contracts accomplish? Like it or not, the Oilers have hitched their wagon to those players and need to lock them down over an extended term to start building a long-term core. After Tavares, Skinner and Seguin got their money, Edmonton would look foolish trying to rebuild and yet refusing to pay their young stars market value.

Subban lost all his leverage when the Habs came flying out the gate with a strong PP led by Markov and Diaz. The Oilers without Hall and Eberle would most likely increase their value after the losses mounted up.

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