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03-25-2013, 07:16 PM
We Suck Yet Again
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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
You have to give FGCU a bit more credit. Those 13 points they are getting sure looks nice, and I think I might jump on that. My Elite 8 is Miami, State, Michigan, Louisville, La Salle, Syracuse, Ohio State, and Florida.
Im glad FGCU beat Georgetown, I cant stand G-town, but each year you always get a "no name" school that just gets hot and wins a game or two. If they didnt have to wait now til the Sweet 16, then Id be more worried about them, but now with the break, I think they just cool off. I could see Florida winning by 25 or I can see them winning by 4. Wouldnt surprise me either way. 13 is tempting though, Id probably bet that too.

Having La Salle still alive in your pool is nice. Making a pick like that when no one else does will get your bonus points and thats where you crawl to the top of the leaderboard.

On one pool, I have Indiana beating Louisville. The second I have Louisville beating Indiana, and my third, I have Miami beating Louisville. If my pools play out the way I have them, I will win first place and most likely 2nd place bc my picks for the IND-LOU pools are identical from here on out. But if Miami comes through for me, I win that one. I just really need Ohio State to beat Arizona and Michigan State to beat Duke. If only I didnt switch in the first round from Arizona to Belmont, and NC State instead of Temple, Id be sitting in first place right now.

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