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thats alot of questions,so i hope i remember them all.i have only had two dislocates,but both were of the variety that the doctor wants to take a picture of it and the room is crowded with hospital personell and paramedics with a stunned look on there face wanting to watch the procedure.first was late teens and second mid twenties.i healed it naturally both times so i dont know the extent of the damage other than my ligaments are severely stretched and i had some locking.i've played with and against all levels of hockey players ,beginner to junior,college and pro,but i began working at a young age and didnt pursue hockey.i would classify my skating as strong though.i had to quit because of two reasons,one as i say mentally i'm scared to injure it again.[similar to nhl players having one poor year after coming back from a severe injury].iv'e lost confidence in it.secondly ,my employer paid my full wages both times,and three would be pushing it,and i still have years to work and i need both knees.i had a brace on it the second time but it was a mickey mouse one compared to todays versions.i also have that shallow femur bone.i skated very early both times after it happened,just casually and it was fine.just like going for a walk.pushing it early,i dont know.
i would say rehab it very,very,very well.especially the insides of your leg.and see if you can get a custom patellar unit that grips your kneecap very can still rip around the ice with knee braces on[mike gartner had two on and won the nhl's fastest skater].i use a g2 patellar unit but i wish it gripped my kneecap a little of luck.

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