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03-25-2013, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by totalkev View Post
I'm not a fan of the deal. Too much money, too long, too risky a player, and worst of all, horrible timing.

We're about two more weeks of horsebleep play away from going all the way from contenders to sellers this season and Semin would have been a huge trade chip. Why did this have to happen now? It's really bad management, in my opinion.

I'm glad to see us spending money, and I have nothing against Semin. He sure seems to like it here, and I've enjoyed watching him play.

But what's the harm of waiting a few more weeks? Worst case, we're out of the playoffs and we can trade him, perhaps even for a defenseman. Best case, we turn it around and win the division. Then we can give him the same contract at the end of the season. It's not like he's going to *improve* his value.

I think it's ridiculous to see the amount of money we have tied up long-term in forwards (Eric, Jordan, Skinner, Ruutu and now Semin) and in goal (Cam), but JR continues to try to get by on a shoestring defense. It's simply not working, and it's not going to work.

Again, I like Semin. But I think this contract at this time is a bad move for the Hurricanes.
I usually agree with everything you say, but not this time. Letting him walk for a draft pick or prospect would be a fine idea...IF we had ANYONE capable of filling the top line spot next to EStaal next year and beyond. We do not. And we would be right back to where we were last year complaining for years about not having a legit winger for the #1 unit.

But I absolutely agree about the state of our defense. I have an idea though...why don't we hold on to our draft picks and prospects for once. And...I don't know...maybe develop a capable defensive unit?? Losing Dumo and a #1 for another forward when our defense is so utterly horrible is not my favorite move of all time. Throwing unnecessary draft picks for Westgarth is another of my least favorites.

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