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03-25-2013, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Palinka View Post
I don't agree with your assessment of Nichushkin's hockey sense. I think it's extremely high, and I don't believe for a second that anything on the ice will prevent him from becoming an NHL star in the future.

The star of this year's draft in hockey sense will be Jonathan Drouin. He's got the type of off-the-charts IQ on the ice that anyone who's spent more than a day in hockey will fantasize about. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins had the best sense since Crosby, and Drouin makes Nugent-Hopkins look like the remedial class.

Nichushkin's biggest issue will be whether the KHL really wants to make a run at keeping him over here. They haven't had a star prospect like this in a while, someone who can excel in several facets of the game.
Agreed, on all points except Drouin's hockey sense ... I think you're giving him (slightly) too much credit. After all, he's no Alex Petrovic

Originally Posted by major major View Post
Folks have been mentioning the Lightning as possible trade partners (actually they have been circling like vultures over that franchise), but I think the Lightning might be another team who would want to move in the draft if they are in the 2-6 range. They already have a great offence, and their forward prospect core looks good. It's the rest of the team that needs help.

I wonder if Yzerman would do:

3rd overall for Ryan Murray and a second rounder.


3rd overall for 9th overall + John Moore + Fedor Tyutin

That puts us back in Drouin/Mackinnon range, and both franchises rebalance themselves.
Absolutely not, in both cases.

Originally Posted by major major View Post
I love the guy but I bet he'd go 5th or 6th in this draft. And he wouldn't necessarily have much impact, this year or next. I can't imagine not swapping him for a top four pick in this draft if we were offered it.
Disagree here, even with the injury, Ryan Murray is right there with the likes of Drouin and Barkov, and the only reason he would fall to 5th or 6th would be teams choosing the forwards instead of seeking a defenseman. To add to Palinka's point, Ryan Murray's hockey IQ is extremely high ... this guy isn't just another piece, this guy is a long term centerpiece, and regardless of what people say or think, he is at the forefront of our future defense corps. No way do I give this guy up - and throw in another piece - for anything short of an established, star caliber player.

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