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03-25-2013, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
The tournment was ridiculous and I wasn't the only person to point that out. Murphy would make one mistake and suddnely a dozen people would be posting about how horrible he was, but if another player did it? It was fine.

The final play of Canada's tournment is probably the best evidence of this. Rielly turns the puck over, leaving Russia's best (And fastest) player coming down the wing. Rielly was fast enough that he could have recovered and helped out but he didn't. It wouldn't have mattered who was defending against Nichushkin, he was that good that he could have got by anyone.

Yet guess who got the blame for it? Murphy, despite Murphy being almost single handily responsble for Canada's offense that game.

It's quite hard to argue Murphy's defense is terrible if you actually watch him. Every single person who attacks him and says he's horrible is a person who would have no chance of watching him on an occasional basis unless they want to pay $7 a game.

Murphy is easily the best drafted defensive prospect playing in the OHL right now. Murphy was easily better than Sproul defensively this year, and Sproul's offensive output probaly has something to do with two factors. One Sault St Marie was an all-offense team, two Sproul played a rover style.

You're busy trying to pump up your own teams player when I doubt you've seen him. I said Murphy isn't horrible defensively and suddenly I think he's the "second coming of Brian Leetch"? Sproul has significantly more work to do than Murphy. Murphy plays top pairing minutes (Against the top lines) and top penalty killing minutes at the age of 19. Sproul plays sheltered minutes (Never against the top lines) and only sparadocily kills penalties at the age of 19.

You don't watch either player, yet you're so confident that Murphy is terrible and Sproul is amazing. I doubt you would have such a strong opinion if Sproul was drafted by the Islanders.
You continuously make the assumption that because people don't agree with you they haven't seen a player play. I have seen Murphy in person a couple times and have indeed watched a great deal of both of these players.

They both have a lot of work to do in terms of their own zone, but Murphy doesn't have a lot of the gifts in terms of size that Sproul does.

Murphy is still as likely to beat his own team as he is to help win the game. That is the problem in and of itself and one that pro coaches are unlikely to put up with.

You point out the Russia game and that is exactly the point. He similarly had a bunch of points in the U-18 championships but was on ice for 4 of the 5 goals including the winner for team USA.

There are some Wings fans that think Sproul will be a top pairing guy, I doubt it. They will likely hide him on a second pairing unless his development takes off even more, still possible with a lot of his gifts. He gets better defensively almost every time I have seen him. He is making strides there, Murphy looks very similar to the guy that was drafted.

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