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Originally Posted by Randy Butternubs View Post
Kind of related, Big, but have you ever watched Frisky Dingo?
A couple episodes...did nothing for me.

I'm weird when it comes to that sort of irreverent humor kind of stuff. There's a thin line in the sand when it comes to liking something and hating something, and I honestly can't exactly place where it is.

Adult Swim stuff had a tendency to run thin on me, even the ones I do like. They'd get about 10-20 great 15 minute episodes and then just become messes of inside jokes and joke mechanisms.

I'm less familiar with Frisky Dingo than Adam Reed's other stuff just because of the timing. Sealab came out when I was in high school, Frisky Dingo when I was without cable in Montana...even now that I have cable I've never actually seen Archer on FX (I don't even know what channel FX is) because of digital media (Netflix, Amazon, etc.).

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