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03-25-2013, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
If you're going to base your judgement of Fedorov on what he should have done in a theoretical setting given the tools he had, then you are going to come away disappointed.

Just as those who try to use 1000 points, etc. as a HHOF benchmark regardless of era or lockout.
This part my argument was more to just say I think his skillset is overrated.

Kariya was better than Selanne when they played together, and did more for Selanne than the reverse. And let's not forget, Housley's passing, routing the entire offense through Selanne - who was free of defensive responsibilities - was a HUGE factor in Selanne's rookie season.

And in Zhamnov's career year, it's hard to argue Selanne led him to it; Zhamnov outscored Selanne by a fair bit that season.
I don't know about this. Kariya in his own right was a star but did he ever really have an elite season without Selanne? Selanne showed he could still rack up points without Kariya in his career. Phil Housley had a career year playing with Selanne. I don't see what you're arguing there. The offense went through Selanne because he was one of the best offensive players in the league. Why wouldn't you put him in an offensive friendly situation if he's capable of leading the team?

Zhamnov I won't argue as much but he still did have a career season with Selanne. It wasn't Zhamnov carrying Selannne.

Like that time, in 1994-95, when Fedorov scored 50 points in 42 games? Or 1995-96, when Fedorov scored 107 points and Selanne scored 108?

Hmm. Never.
Sellanne's fifth best offensive season vs Fedorov's second best. And Fedorov still didn't outscore him.
Offensively, specifically. Because Bowman implemented a defensive system and utilized more than just two lines for offense. When Bowman retired, and Dave Lewis was made coach (), Fedorov scored 83 points.
Guys like Shanahan, Yzerman, Lidstrom, even Larionov outscored Fedorov under the same Bowman system. Sadly 2003 is probably Fedorovs 4th best season.
Part of the reason people bring it up? Only Fedorov, Trottier, and Bossy have done it.
Yes and all three are great players. But they all played for stacked teams that went deep in the playoffs. My point is that it's more of a circumstance thing and that Fedorov was lucky to be in the situation to let him get Deep in the playoffs every year.

Last I heard he was being used on the third line, with Koivu centering the second line and Getzlaf on the first. Could be old info though.
He's still a top six forward for them despite his age. Even as recent as last season he led them in scoring. You can't really argue that Selanne was vastly better than Fedorov post lockout.

You can think Fedorov didn't have as great of a career relative to his skillset. But that wasn't the question; the question was simply who's better. If Selanne achieved 100% of his potential and Fedorov only 10%, but that 10% was greater than Selanne's maximum potential, then Fedorov wins.
As I said in the first sentence of this post I was going to post this in the skillset thread. So maybe just ignore that part because I didn't mean that to be in comparison to Selanne.

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