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Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
Not sure what exactly you mean by this but anyways..

I can understand that it can be frustrating if someone says it's "wrong" or gay marriage is wrong but some gay people have to know everyone is entitled to their opinions. Getting really defensive about someone's opinion bothers me.
Opinions lead to public policy. It's really that simple and it shouldn't be difficult to understand. You are entitled to your opinion up until the point where you lobby to violate individual sovereignty.

Secondly, widespread negative opinions regarding homosexuality and/or other subsets of individuals leads to dehumanization, which is conducive to ostracism, bullying, and even violence.

Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
My opinion is that there is nothing wrong about gay marriage. There is something wrong with making a straight person feel uncomfortable by talking sexually and being really open anywhere other than around your partner/other gay people.
You equate this with gay individuals but I've always experienced this more with straight individuals. Have you ever talked about experiences you've had with women in the presence of somebody who might be gay? Have you ever witnessed other straight individuals who have done the same?

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