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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Canucks have perhaps the most biased announcer on TV today on CBC (and I am including home broadcasters), probably helps them. Makes games all but unwatchable for non Canuck fans however.
Hughson is the bomb and I'm no Canucks fan.

Jets broadcasts are absolute **** on CBC. a) We don't get the HD truck. CBC only has 3, and they never ever comes to Winnipeg, since 1 is in Toronto, 1 goes Ottawa to Montreal and other only travels EDM-CGY-VAN. b)We always get their "D" announcers, and their "A" crew over there is absolute garbage nowadays, nevermind their "D" crew.
I enjoy listening to Mark Lee; he's better than 90 per cent of the league, imo.

c)We get screwed hard with start times. 6pm on Fridays! People work. 2pm on Saturdays, we do not have ONE single Saturday night start in Winnipeg. For stupid CBC.
They've ensured my viewership by doing this (though I'd prefer a later start too): I literally have nothing else to watch on Friday nights.

Not too mention they have an ignorant old man that has zero clue about the game of hockey first intermission, the worst music ever for pregame music (seriously who chooses that stuff), and overall just boring broadcasts.

I really hope CBC loses hockey altogether.
Cherry is lolz.

I agree with you about the music; I really wish they'd just bust out the Stompin' Tom.

I really don't get what you find boring about their broadcasts: Their great production values? The lolzy Grapes? The best journalist in the game(save for maybe Brunt)?
Their intros that actually draw the viewer in?

No, I'd much rather watch "The Quiz": That really draws my attention.

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