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03-25-2013, 08:42 PM
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What I don't understand is why every seemed to think that Trouba is the answer to all and that somehow by him
being on the team it makes Hainsey super expendable.

It doesn't. It is very unlikely that Trouba will be the difference maker that we all expect him to be right off the hop. Lets try and remember that the kid has never played an NHL game before.

While NCAA may be closest thing, Trouba hasn't even played a pro hockey game in the A either. Im not saying tht he won't rise to the challenge of being an NHL caliber player right away, Im just not fool enough to assume he will.

I am ok trading Hainsey, as long as there is an upgrade or equivelant coming back in some way shape or form.

But believe me when I say, we currently do not have a replacement in the system that can fill Hainsey's minutes. Kulda, Clitsome, Stuart etc is not the answer.

Red might have been, but the hockey gods saw fit to take him away from us for the season. I can say with certainty that he'll most likely probably be back next season...or so.

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