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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
I highly doubt that. Even if we accept you watched every single one of Plymouth and Sault St. Marie's games when you lived in the area, that's a maximum of 5 games each year, and I'm pretty sure Rogers and whoever the broadcaster is for Plymouth is have not shared rights every year every game. So that's 2-3 games, and no games this year. For Sproul, it's a maximum of 6 games and thats if Plymouths broadcaster shares rights with the Soo. And agian, this is assuming you watched every single game.

So even if you have watched them, your viewing size is very limited, and certainly not enough to make a judgement like you make.

As the other poster has mentioned, Sprouls size is an invalid argument since Sproul plays like he's Murphy's size. His larger size and lack of physical play means he's actually easier to get around because larger players can't turn as quick. Sproul doesn't have good stick work so he's easier to stick lift. Murphy has work to do defensively but Sproul has significantly more. Sproul is no better than Murphy defensively at 17, and Sproul is 20. I doubt Sproul will be able to play in the NHL next year, Murphy is almost guarenteed to be in the NHL next season, and if his time in the NHL this season is any indication, he'll be playing 17-18 minutes a game.
How many games of Sproul have you watched? You always go on about how other people havent seen guys play and when its only 2 or 3 times you shoot them down. I know you go to Kitchener games but how are we supposed to trust your judgement on Sprouls abilities when as you said above "your viewing size is very limited, and certainly not enough to make a judgement like you make." unless you expect us to think you magically watch a bunch of hounds games on top of all the Kitchener games you catch?

Its also an exaggeration that Sproul is where Murphy was defensively at 17.

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