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Originally Posted by Rolex View Post
There are some things in this post that are true but others, not so much. Last night's game was an example of what it takes by the team to cover for Bryz. Everyone back in around the net to help him. The result; sporadic offense. Bryz has no glove hand to speak of. His best saves are when he puts his body onto a shot which leads to too much loose change in the crease. That pulls the Flyers defensemen back into the nets even more to clear out the rebounds. His lateral movement is barely adequate. If he is to stay as the goaltender, the entire organization has to be all in on playing like it did last night and maybe willing 2-1 or 3-2 games. If he allows three or more goals, the Flyers lose. IMO that is not the blueprint to winning hockey.

dude. that is called defense. when teams don't do that they lose, especially against a team whose coaches seem to know how to not only run a power play with some quickness as to counter against standard, predictable penalty killing (which we did a good job of last night for the most part) but also allows their creative players to be creative offensively through good defensive positioning of all five guys in their zone. we don't even play strong fundamental hockey for long stretches of games. watch us just trying to make sloppy weak side passes out of our zone without looking half the time. were not real fluid and confident with some of the most simple plays. the young guys especially seem rushed and unaware which i think is a confidence issue this year. guys like giroux always make it look easy but overall we have trouble with some basic things. what i saw last night during their offensive rushes was some good anticipation and hustle but they back in and did the same thing defensively. bryzgalov is a big goalie. and i think he is fast, but no NHL goalie should be left alone to fend against 2 or 3 great players on a regular basis. we play with one foot out of the zone against most teams. if we play like we played last night for most of the season, we'd be in the playoffs, bryzgalov's numbers would be awesome and you would have a different opinion based off that. don't forget goalies have confidence issues when their teams play a certain way in front of them too.

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