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03-25-2013, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Novak Djokovic View Post
Who says they would check you out anyways? Do you check out every single woman on the street?

That's the weirdest things I find with these comments. Don't flatter yourself, okay.
Reminds me of the picture where the, I think it was a football player, makes his coming out statement in the yearbook.. at the end it says something like "who says you're even attractive anyways?"..

I mean, I'm for people having self-confidence.. but just because a person is gay, it doesn't mean they're attracted to EVERY person of the same gender!! Same way men aren't attracted to EVERY woman, or every woman isn't attracted to EVERY guy. It's simple.

Not trying to be egotistical, but i've had guys tell me they found me attractive.. and while there was the initial shock that is received regardless if it's a guy or girl, it was ****ing amazing for my confidence that another person (who happened to be a guy) found me attractive. Doesn't mean you turn them on, they just like the way you look.

Hell, i'm in a relationship with a woman, but even then, her and I discuss which males are attractive. I have a man-crush on Johnny Depp, all my friends know it, my family knows it, I don't give a ****. He's a gorgeous man. Doesn't mean I want to be with him.

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